Are Birman Cats Good At Rodent Control?

Most people think of cats as mice and rat hunters born and bred, but this is not true for all cat breeds. Some people have been asking recently, are birmans good for rodent control in my house? To answer the question simply, no, there are terrible preditors. That is not to say that they are completely useless, however they have been domesticated to the extent that they are not the best hunters. Birmans have been described as ditsy, and I would say that is a very accurate description. They will usually have no interest in chasing mice, so if you have a problem with rodents, you are going to have to call in the professionals.

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Professional Rodent Control

Rodent control is essential to the health and well being of your pets, both human and pet. Rodents, mice and rats are very clever at finding and harboring food sources. They can access our homes or food stored in storage sheds. The result is an epidemic of mice, rats, and other rodents that are detrimental to our health and that of our families. This is especially true in cities where rodent control has not been applied in a large scale for decades. A rodent control company is responsible for catching and killing rodents and removing them from your home or business.

The need for rodent control comes into play when rodents invade your land and begin to multiply and spread. This can be as simple as mice entering your garbage or food pantry. rodent control companies are equipped with the tools and expertise to deal with these cases quickly and effectively. They can get rid of the mice and rats that have entered your property and prevent more from doing so.

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Squirrels in the Attic

Other reasons for having rodent control in place include preventing squirrels from getting into your attic. Squirrels can get into attics and vents by wrapping wire around them and making themselves small funnel traps. Once they ingest the trapped animal, they will have to go down a long, twisting journey to escape. A rodent control company can prevent this and help you restore order once the squirrels are gone.

Having someone inspect your garbage is a great reason to have rodent control in place. Many times animals congregate around the garbage receptacle to feed on the rodents and insects that may be inside. Dead animal remains leave a foul odor, which is unpleasant for everyone. If you smell dead animals in your garbage, you should suspect rodent control should take place immediately. Properly sanitize all garbage before disposing of it and call a rodent control company immediately.



Finally, sometimes rodents are able to move into houses through cracks and small openings. Sometimes they find their way into the walls, attic, or basement. Any opening that connects a home to an exterior area can allow entry. To remedy this, contact a rodent control company and have them inspect any suspected house entries. They will be able to determine whether or not rodents have made these small entrances into the property.

There are many benefits to investing in rodent control. Getting rid of mice, rats, and other rodents ensures cleanliness and peace of mind for homeowners. Finding a good company to do the work is important as well. Look for a business that offers 24-hour service and a guarantee. A reliable rodent control company will respond quickly when there is a rodent infestation, providing the solution before damage is done. A good company will also offer advice on how to keep rodents out of certain areas.