Tips For Raising a Birman Cat

Tips for Birman cats

Caring for the Birman Cat is surprisingly not that difficult. A lot of people seem to have the belief that this is a high-maintenance breed of cat, but it is anything but.

This is a breed that has decent fur. This means that it does not shed all that much, and keeping the fur looking great doesn’t take that much effort. In fact, all you really need to do is brush your Birman Cat a couple of times per week (just a light brushing) and it is going to be looking absolutely divine. There will be no major health issues associated with this breed either, which is actually surprising since it was bred from a rather limited stock of cats.

The main issue that somebody raising the Birman Cat will have is will be related to the weight of the cat. This is a breed that is naturally bigger than most other breeds. This means that it is a bit more prone to obesity. Perhaps your best hope here will be keeping an eye on what the cat eats. Obviously, because it is larger, it is going to be eating more anyway. This means that you do not want to completely remove food. However, taking the Birman Cat to the vet every so often and paying attention to their weight should be more than enough. As long as they stay within the average weight of a Birman Cat, then they should be fine.

If you do have other cats when you are bringing the Birman into the family, then you will want to introduce them slowly to the Birman. This is because the Birman can be an incredibly territorial animal. While they do fine once they have become familiar with other pets, you will need to keep a watchful eye on them in order to ensure that fights do not start between the animals!

One final tip we can offer here is to ensure that you give your Birman Cat a decent diet. Ideally, you would opt for a cat food that has been designed for animals with thicker coats. One of the real highlights of having a Birman Cat is the beautiful coat that they boast, which means that you probably should be doing your best to ensure that it stands out!